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VIE's EBS and XEPS were identified as key fields of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry

Not long ago, Electronic Brake System (EBS) and Recirculating Ball Electric Steering Device (XEPS) of Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. were identified as the first (set) products in the key areas of Zhejiang Province's equipment manufacturing industry in 2020.

The first (set) of major technical equipment products refers to equipment manufacturing products that have achieved major technological breakthroughs in China, possess independent intellectual property rights, and have not yet achieved market performance, including complete sets of equipment, control systems, software systems, etc., which are called manufacturing "Artifact" in the industry. VIE EBS&XEPS was identified as the first (set) product in the key field of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry, which is a powerful manifestation of the company's comprehensive strength in technology research and development, production and manufacturing, and has laid a solid foundation for further market expansion.

The EBS system developed and mass-produced by VIE belongs to the core components of automobiles. It is a product that must be installed on all dangerous goods vehicles and tractors and trailers above 90km/h. It has broad market prospects and room for further improvement. The EBS system is mainly composed of electronic controller (ECU), solenoid valve, pressure sensor and wiring harness and other components. All components, control strategies and software codes are independently developed and designed by the company. Its technology is at the leading level in China, and compared with foreign products, it has more advantages in technology independence, cost control, sales channels and after-sales service. While improving the cost competitiveness of the whole vehicle, as well as safety and comfort, it has played a good role in promoting the development of domestic auto parts technology and market.

The success of the company's XEPS research and development has filled the gap of domestic enterprises in the electric steering of commercial vehicles. After the mass production of this product, the energy consumption of the whole vehicle is reduced by more than 3%, which conforms to the general trend of national energy conservation and emission reduction. VIE recirculating ball electric steering device has developed 3 series of more than 10 products, covering trucks and buses with a total mass of 3.5 tons to 7 tons, and is developing an XEPS that can meet the total mass of 10 tons of vehicles. It is a supplier of electric braking and electric steering systems covering commercial vehicles. The currently developed XEPS products belong to the first and second generation products, which are mainly used in fuel and new energy commercial vehicles. At present, the vehicles equipped with the products include King Long Bus, Yutong Bus, FAW Jiefang, SAIC Maxus, Chery Commercial Vehicle, etc.

In recent years, the company has taken the development of the new automobile industry as an entry point, and has carried out a systematic strategic layout of forward-looking technologies such as intelligent driving, electric braking, wireless charging, and lightweight, and has initially constructed intelligent vehicle environment perception + active safety control + intelligent interconnection autonomous driving ecosystem. At the same time, the company continues to upgrade the market, and the scale, brand and level of supporting customers have been significantly improved. In addition to the full coverage of domestic independent brands, the company has successfully entered the supporting system of international brands such as Daimler, FAW-Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, etc