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  • Li Zhanguo, President of the Provincial Higher People's Court, visit various enterprises to investigate the work resumption
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Li Zhanguo, President of the Provincial Higher People's Court, visit various enterprises to investigate the work resumption

A few days ago, Li Zhanguo, President of the Higher People's Court of Zhejiang Province, and his delegation visited VIE Group, mainly to conduct front-line research on the resumption of work and production of the company. Tang Xuebing, President of Shaoxing Intermediate People's Court, and Xu Liangping, leader of Zhuji City, attended the meeting. Chen Lixiang, Board Chairman of directors, and Chen Jiang, President of the group, accompanied and reported.

During the inspection, Li Zhanguo visited the VIE auto parts exhibition hall, learned about the VIE culture centered on the "three spirits, governance and management 3+3", and carried out the leading products, supporting customers, scientific research innovation, strategic planning, etc. When he learned that VIE has always insisted on investing in the main business, and has been developing for more than 30 years, it has successfully entered the supporting system of international brands such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, and Daimler, He highly affirmed VIE's position in the industry. It is believed that the scale and level of supporting customers have well reflected the comprehensive strength of VIE.

Chen Jiang explained the main advantages of VIE's development. First, VIE has always focused on and focused on the parts industry. With continuous investment in scientific research, lean management of production, and continuous upgrading of brands, VIE has won wide recognition from the market and customers. Second, as a listed company, VIE has strong capital strength, especially in the field of new energy, based on the strategic needs of vehicle companies, it has planned a complete product upgrade route, and the choice of partners such as electric braking and wireless charging are all It is an internationally renowned enterprise; thirdly, VIE has a strong culture of science and technology innovation. We have built an intelligent driving test field at the Diankou headquarters, a cold area test base in Heihe, and a European R&D center in Budapest, Hungary, which is the first in the country. Research base for independent innovation standards for intelligent networked vehicles, etc. In the past year alone, VIE has added 174 technical patents (including 58 invention patents), 10 new software copyrights, and 8 national industry standards have been released.

Li Zhanguo listened to Chen Lixiang's suggestion on the work of the court. Chen Lixiang also sincerely thanked the Provincial High Court for its concern and support to VIE. He believes that he is fortunate to listen to and study President Li's important reports many times. The Provincial High Court supports the development of private enterprises from the legislative level, which has strongly inspired the confidence and determination of entrepreneurs to start a business. For a long time, the court system has done a lot of work for enterprises in legal education, legal services, judicial rights protection, etc., guiding corporate governance to practice Fengqiao's experience, and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of VIE.

Chen Lixiang also introduced VIE's specific practices in the "resumption of work and epidemic prevention". He said that in the face of the sudden epidemic, the Party Committee and Board of Directors of the Group established a joint prevention and strict control working group, and issued the "Group Resumption of Work and Production and Epidemic Prevention and Control Management Rules". On March 10, the company's work resumption rate reached 100%, achieving the goal of "zero cases of employee well-being and no loss of market resources". At present, some companies are still working overtime to catch orders to defend the market, fight for the market, and create the market. Has become the main theme of business management.

Li Zhanguo highly recognized the achievements of VIE's governance and management. He pointed out that in VIE,

 he felt the innovative development of "strong party building and stronger development" in private enterprises.

 Especially after the experience of the epidemic, VIE's countermeasures and actual operating results are worthy of

 full recognition. VIE is a leading enterprise in China's auto parts industry. In addition to improving and strengthening

 the traditional parts field, the company has carried out comprehensive strategic planning in high-tech aspects such

 as wireless charging and electric braking, and has a strong understanding of the industry. He encouraged VIE to

 seize new opportunities for industry growth, speed up the pace of innovation and upgrading, and achieve better