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  • Li Yujun, executive vice president of BAIC New Energy, visited VIE, Anhui
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Li Yujun, executive vice president of BAIC New Energy, visited VIE, Anhui

On May 15, Li Yujun, executive vice president of the Engineering Research Institute of Beijing New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., and his entourage came to Anhui VIE to conduct on-the-spot inspection and guidance on the front and rear sub-frame projects of supporting models, accompanied by Zhao Yongda, General Manager of Anhui VIE, and Deputy General Manager Chen Zhiqing.

At the symposium, Zhao Yongda briefly introduced the overall development and corporate culture of VIE to Li Yujun, and made a detailed report on the progress of Anhui VIE 's operation, production and service to BAIC projects, won the high recognition of Li Yujun. Afterwards, Li Yujun and his party visited the production workshop to learn more about the company's production equipment, R&D equipment, technical strength, production capacity delivery, etc. When they saw the clean and orderly on-site environment, leading scientific research equipment, and manufacturing equipment from international brands from Germany, Japan, Italy, etc., he highly affirmed the company's overall supporting strength and was confident in the close cooperation between the two parties.

During the period, Li Yujun introduced the customer positioning, product configuration and future development of the platform of the cooperation project in details. He pointed out that this visit gave us strong confidence. He hoped that VIE would continue to uphold the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, closely follow the platform strategy of BAIC New Energy, and continuously upgrade products, quality and services. Li Yujun also sincerely invited VIE team to go to BAIC Blue Valley to report on the road show, in order to carry out all-round cooperation with VIE in more fields.

Zhao Yongda said that the values of BAIC people that "culture is rooted in inner self-cultivation, self-consciousness without reminder, freedom based on constraints, and kindness for the sake of others" are highly related to VIE's corporate culture concept. It has laid a solid foundation for the two sides to carry out in-depth cooperation, efficient cooperation and mutual trust cooperation. BAIC New Energy is the leader of pure electric passenger vehicles in China. VIE will always go all out to serve the future development of BAIC New Energy with the best service and best quality.